Services Online

Welcome to our Services Online.  Thank you for joining us.

Our service will be available to watch at 10am.  A welcome screen will run from 9:50am.

To enable us to worship together you will not be able to press pause or rewind.

To join the service CLICK HERE.

If you missed any of the service, want to watch any of it back, or are having trouble connecting, you can also  CLICK HERE to watch the service in YouTube.

Want to go back and watch our services from previous weeks?  If so, you can access all our Services Online by CLICKING HERE.  Audio recordings of services from 15th March 2020 and before can be listen to from 'Talks' which can be accessed from our Front Page and from the menu at the bottom of our website.

Stay Connected

Our small groups meet together online at around 11am after the service.

If you are new or visiting us, we would love for you to join our 'Welcome Group' - just email and we'll get in contact.

Talk With Us

If you would like to receive prayer, or to speak to one of our team, please call 01628 621961.

Tips For Going Online

1. Send an invite to your friends and family to watch the service together.

2. Prepare your room to be ready for worship, pray and be inspired and encouraged.

3. Link your laptop or mobile up to your TV for a bigger screen experience.

4. Watch from 10am (as there is no rewind function).

If you miss any of the service, wish to watch any of it back, or you had trouble connecting, you can catch-up by CLICKING HERE to watch in YouTube.

Find Out More

Try Alpha.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.  Each talk looks at a different question around faith, and is designed to create conversation.  Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Our Vision

Or vision is to Love Jesus, Share Lives and Transform Communities.  Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

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